Want a Job with ISIS? Start Hating American Muslims


Pic courtesy of Viral Moose.

The residents of Hawaii would quibble with this point, but since the Civil War America’s strategy of fighting its wars on foreign soil has protected American civilians from the worst of war’s horrors.  That might be small consolation to families who lost loved ones in the Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, and all the “conflicts” in between, but it’s still a huge benefit.  If you’re not convinced, ask a German or Japanese survivor of WWII.  There are still a few around.

That strategy, however, is no longer working as well.  Starting with Al Queda, our enemies have made it a central objective of their strategy to bring the war to American soil, by any means possible.

We are at war.  Ask our soldiers.  Hang around military families.  They know.  Open your eyes and you’ll spot the amputations around you, hidden by prosthetic limbs and long pants.  And those are not the worst injuries.

We have made Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria our most recent battlefield, but our enemies are trying to make American cities their battlefield.  The recent shooting in San Bernardino makes it pretty  clear that ISIS wants the headlines in American media to shout:

Muslims kill Christians at Christmas!!!!

And you can help them.  Yes, you can be an ISIS or Al Queda recruit without even having to go through the inconvenience of traveling to Syria and wearing those funny clothes.

It’s simple: just start printing those headlines and hating American Muslims.  That’s all ISIS wants you to do.  If you hate American Muslims, and you help spread that hate, eventually American Muslims will start hating you back.  Giving ISIS fresh recruits right here on American soil.

The alternative?  Embrace American Muslims.  Invite them into your Christian homes at Christmas.  And go to their homes on their Holy Days.  Welcome Syrian refugees warmly.

Will that result in some ISIS sympathizers being able to hide among American Muslims.  Yes.  And they will manage to kill some of us.  After all, we are at war.  But it will result in far fewer of them.  Not to mention a great deal more peace inside our own hearts.

Jesus instructed us to love our enemies.  Perhaps he was a better military tactician than we give him credit for.

Just Right


I live in paradise, and in every single one of its moments the world is just right.  It it does not seem so, it’s only because I have temporarily lost the ability to recognize how right it is.  Or that I’m unwilling to let go of what used to be right and accept what is right now.

I have been operating under the assumption that life would be good and I would be happy once I got a raise, once my wife stopped smoking, once Spring arrived, and once politicians stopped lying.  I also thought it was my responsibility to identify all the things that were wrong, and that if I missed one, I was being irresponsible.  Lacking in watchfulness.  Unprepared.  When you take on the responsibility of enumerating everything that’s wrong with the world, you soon end up with a new companion: the delusion that you know how to set it right.

I wish I’d learned that sooner, LOL, but as it turns out, I learned it at just the right time.

This way of thinking applies to some situations.  Obviously not to others.  The trick is to know which.  More on that later …