Repost: Welcome to the OTN Garage!

Sun Microsystems once said it would keep its blog posts online forever.  But it didn’t count on being acquired by Oracle. So just in case the meaning of “forever” changes again, I’m going to repost some of my favorite OTN Garage posts.  Here’s the first one.

Welcome to the OTN Garage!

Originally Posted 24 May 2010.

The OTN Garage should evoke the feel of your Dad’s favorite hangout: his garage.  A typical American garage in the 60’s and 70’s was full of projects, tools, tips, friends, and beer.

I realize this image doesn’t apply across all countries, but the American middle class garage was such a terrific institution that the world should claim it as its own.

The OTN Garage will pick up where the BigAdmin Blog left off. The BigAdmin Blog brought news and resources to the few, the proud, the chitos-munching sysadmins who kept Sun technologies running through the night so the rest of us could read the Sports Page on our laptops first thing in the morning.   I’d include a link to the BigAdmin blog, but it’s no longer available.

The OTN Garage will continue to do that, but it will add news and resources for developers of Oracle Solaris, Sun hardware, and related technologies.  And it will draw on the terrific resources of the Oracle Technology Network.

The focus of the OTN Garage will be similar to that of the Oracle Solaris Community Newsletter and the sysadmin- and developer-related resources that are being made available on the Oracle Technology Network.

In upcoming blogs, look for news about useful content, resources, and events.   This is the place where we will, as Nike likes to say, Write the Future.

– Rick

Systems Admin and Developer Community Lead for the Oracle Technology Network