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Thank you, Black America

Today, Black America saved America from itself. I am overcome with gratitude and awed by the power of forgiveness.

I’m reflecting on the people who were ripped from their homes by slave traders, watched their family and friends die and get thrown overboard, separated from those who survived, only to spend their entire lives laboring in slavery. Without so much as the hope of freedom.

I’m thinking about all the generations that we continued to enslave. And the generations that, after emancipation, we continued to exploit, oppress, denigrate, murder, rape, and exclude from opportunity.

Trump’s first four years hobbled our Democracy. Another four years might have crippled it. Of all the people who could have come to our rescue, the last people that anyone could reasonably expect are those whom our Democracy murdered, enslaved, exploited, and demeaned.

That is truly remarkable.

Black America, you have saved our Democracy, very likely our nation, and you have much to teach me. And the rest of us.

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