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The Big Truth

By now about half of American voters are intimately familiar with the Big Lie. Although Trump didn’t invent it, he wields it as well as anybody.

The idea of the Big Lie is pretty simple:

The basic idea is that the bigger a lie you tell, the more likely people will be to believe it, since it’s difficult for them to accept that someone could tell a lie that huge with a straight face.

Urban Dictionary

Critical to telling a Big Lie is to keep telling it. Otherwise people 1) forget and 2) assume it was disproved.

This is something Trump does very well.

And something the Democrats don’t. Because they don’t really understand how the Big Lie works. They think all it takes is saying “That’s not true.”

The Democrats are wrong.

The way to stop the Big Lie is with the Big Truth. And, just as with the Big Lie, the Big Truth must be told again and again and again. Without getting tired of telling it.

What is the Big Truth? It’s not whether Trump is responsible for our economic recovery. It’s not whether he’s responsible for the pandemic. It’s not whether immigrants are rapists or white supremacists are patriots. It’s not whether we have systemic racism or don’t.

The Big Truth is that Trump is a liar. He lies. Trump lies. Trump is a liar. Trump lies. He lies all the time. And when you call him out for lying, he blames you for his lies. He claims he’s the victim of unfair accusations. Which is like the criminal claiming he’s a victim of the cop arresting him. Another lie. And if you’re a woman who calls him out for lying, he calls you nasty. He claims you hate him. He claims you are attacking him.

And that’s another lie.

Trump lies. Then he attacks you for pointing it out. Says you’re being unfair. Another lie.

Trump is a liar. And to cover up his lies, he lies some more. And if you point out the lie, he lies more. And blames you for it. And then walks out. And lies about it.

Because Trump is a liar.

That’s the Big Truth.

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