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Shut me up.

Image courtesy of Transforming Truth, the preaching ministry of Pastor Jeff Lyle

On their most cowardly day, the Roman Senators who abdicated to Caesar Augustus could not have outdone modern day Republicans.

The Left is scarcely better.

Trump’s boot-licking sycophants who earned their posts by profane loyalty more in the spirit of Sadam Hussein’s regime than anything remotely American, Trump himself, and the propagandists who pass themselves off as the Conservative Media employ the Big Lie, shameless misrepresentation, and 1984-speak to destroy our democracy so they can plunder and enslave the very people whom they have conned into voting for them.

Meanwhile, the Dictatorship of the Proletariat on the Left, with a Madamme Defarge on every street corner, seeks to control not only what we do, not only what we think, but what we might one day think and do.

Promising to return America to the values that once made it great, Trump feeds any man who finds himself hobbled, or any woman who has the temerity to speak her mind, to the bloodlust of his base, whom he has guided into becoming no better than a pack of wild dogs in a Jack London novel–

–while the GOP and their donors among the fortunate keep one eye on their stock tickers and the other on the gates of their community, too cowardly to confront America’s would-be dictator even as he blatantly tramples the values and the nation they proclaim to hold so dear.

Ostensibly to protect the less fortunate, the influencers on the Left rend their digital robes in public, using social media’s powers of distortion to incite marauding packs to lynch anyone whose words, thoughts, or deeds might, in any way, under any circumstance, be construed as offensive to anyone in any state of mind at any particular point in time.

Not to be outdone, mindless corporate bureaucrats use the HR Handbook of Inclusion to bludgeon into submission anyone who wanders near the invisible line of secular heresy.

Is it any wonder that we find so many of us walking around in a state of boiling, burbling, blistering, volcanic anger?

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