Just Right


I live in paradise, and in every single one of its moments the world is just right.  It it does not seem so, it’s only because I have temporarily lost the ability to recognize how right it is.  Or that I’m unwilling to let go of what used to be right and accept what is right now.

I have been operating under the assumption that life would be good and I would be happy once I got a raise, once my wife stopped smoking, once Spring arrived, and once politicians stopped lying.  I also thought it was my responsibility to identify all the things that were wrong, and that if I missed one, I was being irresponsible.  Lacking in watchfulness.  Unprepared.  When you take on the responsibility of enumerating everything that’s wrong with the world, you soon end up with a new companion: the delusion that you know how to set it right.

I wish I’d learned that sooner, LOL, but as it turns out, I learned it at just the right time.

This way of thinking applies to some situations.  Obviously not to others.  The trick is to know which.  More on that later …


Scouting the Section 16 Trail in Preparation for the Bristol Run

On the afternoon of Dec 2nd I ran a portion of the Section 16 trail as an unsolicited service to the runners who will participate in the Dec 6th Bristol Run.  My report:

TrailHead-sm1.  The trail head consists of stairs made of wood.  Both show signs of moderate wear by human and canine species. A sign utilizes the word excrement.

Tuft-sm2. Tufts of native grasses occasionally appear embedded in mineral samples.  Their tenacity engendered in me an emotional effect not unlike admiration.

Minerals-sm3.  The trail offered ample opportunities to observe and study mineral samples.

NativeFauna-sm4.  I was able to identify the native fauna, which was also prevalent.

Curve-sm5.  The trail included multiple curves, some of which presented me with an opportunity to make a decision as to whether a branch to the left or a branch to the right would was more likely to lead me to my ultimate destination.  I explored those opportunities assiduously, concluding that sometimes the left branch offered a greater probability of success, while sometimes that opportune result was better proffered by the right branch.  A complete accounting of each decision is beyond the scope of this report.


The trail is indeed where it was purported to be, and as far as I was able to ascertain given my unplanned explorations of its side branches, continues to proceed in the direction someone utilizing its surface would expect.   In my professional opinion based on a thorough study of North American plate tectonics, it is safe to assume that it will remain in that approximate location through Dec 6.